Energy Healing

Energy Healing

is fascinating

and real!

Energy Healing has been a passion of mine for 48 years. I strongly identify with being an energy healer. As my mother lay dying in 1985, I discovered I could telepathically have conversations with her. This was a ground-shaking revelation, that I could be clair-audient and in an “under-the-radar conversation with another living being. It inspired me and opened possibilities to further develop and hone my high sense perceptions.

I have come to believe that the human body and its energy system is the medium and soil from and through which we express ourselves as Soul and Spirit. This includes the rainbow colored filamental clouds and grids of the aura and its chakras, the laser-line connections we have to the planet, solar system, galaxy and universe  and our ever-expanding yet grounding stellar essence.

All these known and unknown consciousness dimensions comprise our energy body. They are visible to the clairvoyant person,  heard by the clair-audient person & felt by the clair-sentient person. For someone who has developed her high perception skills as I have, the dimensions form “a fertile field” of engagement.


What will happen during

an Energy Healing?

You will be lying face-up, following your breath in your body and relaxing, witnessing your thoughts and images move through your awareness without fastening upon them.

Using clair-audience, clairvoyance & clair-sentience, I will initiate the:

  • unwinding, clearing and repairing of your organs and body systems
  • clearing, repairing and energizing of your aura and chakras
  • repairing, aligning, and energizing of your connection to the earth and sky.
  • expanding of your sense of self.

What can you expect after

an Energy Healing?

  • more relaxation and centering.
  • appreciating and knowing something more about your self
  • specific ideas how to prolong this inner relaxation, centering, appreciation and knowledge.

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TESTIMONIAL  “I deeply appreciate our energy healer sessions. For a long time, I have struggled with the inner dialogue between inspiration and resistance to doing the tasks I set out for myself. Being able to pinpoint the source of this and its roots in family dynamics, and then to be supported in clearing it up energetically ‘on Laya’s table’ has been liberating. I am feeling inspired to get to work on things I’ve wanting to do for my business and but had been putting off.  The energetic feeling of it being a drag is gone.” Lynne Brisdon. Professional Coactive Coach.

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