Healer’s Journey CD

Here is my offering for a modern daily self-meditation practice. Developed and successfully used over the last 2 decades, it is an artful synthesis of various traditions, systems and sacro-magical arts. Consider it a state-of-the-art modern energy consciousness training that enhances your presence in the here-and-now.  


  • Use it to hone your sacred imagination and visualization skills.
  • Use it to develop the precision and awe of your inner body focus
  • Choose from 2 lengths of meditation : 40 minute or 15 minute.

Anyone with a natural interest in their energy system will begin manifesting their energy consciousness in new ways, with daily use of this recording.






$20 per CD + tax + shipping. Includes 4 pages of liner notes.


For payment, please text (360)-734-1596    to initiate secure payment.


























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