Massage & Bodywork

Touch is essential for well-being. We now know that babies can die without touch. Touch sparks us. Through touch, we feel ourselves inside, the other person, and the dynamic, mysterious energy that unifies us. Our feelings move, our thoughts percolate, our soul imagines, our spirit aligns.

With 35 years experience as a registered massage therapist, I have always been fascinated with relationship and continuum between our physical and energy bodies. The physical anatomy of our bones, joints, muscles, organs and fascia fascinate me.  The energetic anatomy of our chakras, aura, galaxial and stellar essence bodies is our birthright. I am in awe.

What can you expect?

My in-person sessions which are presently on pause, are profoundly relaxing, therapeutic and integrative. A remote touch session may be possible. Please contact me if you are interested.




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