On-going Creativity

laya-shriaberg-biography3Spanning the past 45 years,  I have participated in multitudinous professional trainings and engaged in ongoing healing research projects. Through embodied meditational practice, my focus and noticings bridge the disciplines and arts of aromatic awareness, multi-dimensional perception and hands-on healing. While engaging with a client, I integrate massage therapy, energy healing and cranial sacral balancing. 

Emotional and visceral (somatic) self-awareness is of paramount importance in my focus, in my work. I commit to ongoing conscious awareness of both my self-perceptions and my perceptions of you. This promotes a mutually ethical, safe space for the both of us. Through the magic of ongoing sympathetic resonance, we both  become aware of our choice to trust the flow and follow it, or take a detour. All this occurs in the awareness of perceived senses, feelings and thought fields. Through this embodied meditational approach to bodywork and energy healing, this two-way street is our co-initiated field of healing territory. My pivotal professional insight is that when the deep inner relationships between healer and client are “in flow and attunement” with each other, the planet and the universe, ALL are ushered through the gates of potential change and transformation !! 

Conscious change is what it’s all about !



I celebrate that I’ve been in the healing field for 50 years! Wearing the garment of an elder,  I am with you.  I delineate my personal and relational healing fields in ongoing and accountable ways. I would love to share this in mutual confidence (and confidentiality) with you.

I have been blessed with resilient health, and an impassioned desire to deepen my relationship with my body, soul, spirit and unconscious in ongoing and sincere manners.

On a divinatory note, I offer Sidereal Astrology Readings.

In 2014, I crafted the CD entitled “The Yoni Tour Meditation. Volume One. Limited Edition.” which is deliberately infused with subliminal prayers for the beholding of the pleasure, power and mystery inherent in the female genitals.

In 2002, I crafted 2 guided meditations though our 4 dimensional energy field entitled “The Healer’s Journey”. Great homage to Barbara Brennan, of blessed memory,  who greatly influenced this offering.

I also steward an artisanal perfume studio. More about this later.


A Long-range Spiritual Perspective

In your session, I invite you to bring your dreams and an account of your ongoing relationship with your energy consciousness (your evolving relationships with your body, soul, spirit, unconscious + the divine. 


How has the World Changed?

As an elder, i perceive that our collective energy field has become much more cluttered with trauma fragments than it was 20 years ago. While it may take more strength, agility and skill to navigate this, the potential boons and changes are greater also. I sense that our personal changes affect the collective field in a more immediate and perhaps in an even emphatic way. 

   It is far easier to notice AND dethrone our entitlements and outdated habits and belief systems ! We can more easily die to new self-identities. We can choose life or death, creation or destruction, (or both!) at a second’s notice, with the appropriate tools.  There is more of a pronounced and often negotiable presence with our ancestors and descendants in our felt-lives. It is our choice to cocoon them in love rather than express their unmet needs. Our choice point has been and still is IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. It takes lots of discernment of nuance, great patience, self-accountability, self-knowledge and self-discipline. Our ephemeral soul qualities of humility, grace, patience, curiosity, amusement are part of this delicious stew.

Self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love DO reside at our cores and are our continuous resource.

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