Holistic Bodywork ~ Individual Sessions


• Attention

I listen to you. Deeply. Literally. Clair-audiently. I hear the spaciousness around your words, your sounds, your heartbeat. I am in full respect and open attention.


• Creativity

My sessions include an huge array of modalities which I custom-tailor for you in the moment.  I have gathered an articulate compendium of skills and experience in the last 30 years. CranioSacral Approach, Energy Healing and/or Massage.  Inquiry into the states of consciousness which stem from deliberate aware touch is my cutting edge. Whether your intention be reparation, reconciliation, restoration or re-connection, I am dedicated to serve your highest good.


• Life

Eros is our Life Force, our innate desire to move energy and create in an embodied way. Eros communicates with us through our body through sensation, feelings, image and imagination. In tandem with you, I will follow the flow of the Life Force through your body.


• Knowledge

Our personal souls reside in our family souls. With keen perception, I can often make contact with your ancestry and destiny and help you attract the resources you need to grow and live into your destiny.


Bodywork & Massage

CranioSacral Therapy

Energy Healing


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