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O u r   s e n s e   o f   s m e l l   i s   p r i m a l . 



We live in a sea of aromas. How often do we consciously include them in our awareness?  


With these alchemically designed  A W E  perfume blends, you can unleash your curiosity about your sense of smell  & notice that it readily cross-pollinates with your other senses of sight, hearing, touching, tasting & feeling.


These parfums are about self-embodiment & self-empowerment as you consciously cultivate  your sense of smell & enjoy life as you do so! 


Your can direct ALL your inquiries and requests to me personally at my email address: • I now have a PDF available upon request listing all 11 of the previous AWE Parfums. • I am presently dispensing some of these blends, and soon, with revised pricing, will be dispensing all of them. • My plans are to continue to create new parfum blends and to also work more intimately with the aromatic plants here in the Pacific Northwest.

Essay: Olfaction and Terroir.


Some background on

What Essential Oils Are.

Plants produce volatile (essential) oils in their last stage of photosynthesis, changing sunlight into chlorophyll. Plant life uses its volatile scent to conserve, regulate & protect its own energy system & as well as to converse with insects, animals & other plants. With aromatic plant companions alchemically blended into sacred perfumes, then into our skins, we too can learn to consciously conserve, regulate, protect our own energy and converse with other life forms.


How I alchemically work to design

a botanical perfume:

I work slowly and deliberately with these plant companions and their aromas.  Together, we co-create each blend. We agree upon a multi-sensory perception to lead us.

Through these parfums, I want to share the celebration I have of  being a multi-sense human being. I find that as I include these parfums in my lifestyle, I begin to embody innate plant intelligence, their mystery, co-operation, their   subtlety, their simplicity. I have found these parfums to be wonderful companions in daily life, during work, play, dance, in creativity and in ritual and ceremony.

Most importantly, YOU, with your willingness to explore consciousness and participate in sustainable & wearable olfactory art, are my major impetus in creating these solid botanical perfumes. You are my continuous muses, my source of inspiration & resource. May these parfums bring you joy, pleasure, focus, awareness & conscious multi-dimensionality.

Have fun with them! You can layer them too & come up with new wondrous compositions!






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