Cranial sacral balancing

There is a way between speech and presence
where information flows.
In disciplined silence,
it opens.
In wandering talk
it closes.

My approach to Cranial-sacral balancing has been honed for 37 years.

These sessions are available both in-person and remotely.

It is spiritual practice both in the offering and receiving.

Our bodies have a fluidic language,

very tidal, very slow, very subtle.

I track these tides.

I support them and

they balance of their own accord.



Our bodies are 92% fluidic. In my unique approach to cranial-sacral balancing

  • I follow and support the subtle slow pulsing movements of the fluids in your body.

Grounded in nearly 4 decades of professional palpation and a deeply embodied knowledge of the body’s physiology, anatomy, its energetic wholeness and its inherent stillness, I track the fluidic tidal pulses throughout your body.

Imbalance naturally resolves itself thus reflecting the body’s innate connective wisdom to re-balance itself.  With non-dual focus and witness, I support your body’s inherent ability to correct and balance its own flow. 

Subtle tidal rhythms within our physical bodies ARE palpable to a trained body therapist. They are as natural as the waves at the seashore.

  • We will complete our session with you feeling regenerated and relaxed. 
  • Long-term imbalances and pains will begin to dissipate.

Nowadays cranial-sacral therapy is a burgeoning holistic healing field. Each approach greatly varies in terms of its meditative, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual focus, the scope of its wholistic inclusions & the range of its therapeutic intents.

All proponents DO agree that:

  • The body has a gentle and quiet inherent rhythm or respiration which self-heals and self-corrects, yielding physical homeostasis and a peaceful sense of well being
  • Using minimal pressure best supports this body’s inherent self-correcting process

With my unique approach, expect to

  • Marvel at the subtlety of your body’s self-steering  abilities  while you lie relaxed and still.
  • Marvel at how you can perceive the inherent continuum between your physical, emotional mental and/or spiritual bodies.

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