I stand for empowerment.

To make it easier for you

to trust yourself and

your body, and

stand with awareness

in your sense field,



My work is about embodiment.

Embodiment of Soul, of Spirit, of the Unconscious

of feeling, character, thought and idea,

of relationship.

I am in gratitude for all the clients in my last 37 years of practice. They always affect me with their mystical and magical intelligence, their honesty, sensitivity and uniqueness.

As a healer, I am perceptive, creative, nurturing, soothing and inclusive.

Above all, I affirm every aspect of your health and your wholeness.

I gently sustain my focus upon you. With grace and patience, I listen deeply to your field.

My movements are slow and gliding.

As a therapist, I maintain confidentiality and an evolving overview of all the dimensions of your healing process.

I am readily accessible by phone or email.

My Mission

To help you go deeply into your body space and find self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love.

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