Spiral Suns Healing Studio

A Simple Temple

Sarasvati, Hindu Goddess of Creativity, sits in a built-in altar just for her.


Expanse of Energy

Imagine walking into an expansive space with shimmering golden walls and energy. Natural light from an east window imbues the room with warmth and magical sparkle. There are smooth, blond bamboo floors below your feet.


Quiet and Private

Imagine a quiet residential area on a no outlet street.



Imagine a quiet rustic pocket of land on the southern edge of the small city of Bellingham, Washington.

Imagine plants of many shapes and sizes gently swaying in the breeze.  


Embodied Spirituality. Conscious Body Experience.

Once inside the studio, imagine settling into a deep inner silence.  Imagine experiencing your natural skill of witnessing  your feelings without becoming them.  Imagine noticing the sensations happening in your body and receiving touch especially geared to help you resonate with them.







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