Facilitated Yoni Tour Knowing Circles

Our relationship to our sexuality has been greatly undermined in the last 2000 years. As daughters, most of us were discouraged to develop our relationship with our wombs, and its inherent pleasure, power and mystery. With these facilitated group meditations, we realize we can choose to have this pleasure, power and mystery infused into our lives on a conscious and daily basis. This empowers us!


In Yoni Tour Meditation circles, we breathe together and allow ourselves to be guided via self-reflection through all the intricacies of our wombs using our biological anatomy as a springboard to self-embodiment and self-knowing. There is no touch involved, just loving self-attention and a quiet contemplation time after the meditation.


If your women’s or social group, might be interested in a Knowing Circle, please inquire personally via email or phone.


Many women are astonished when they make contact with the inherent vital intelligence of their wombs,  and with the memories, feelings and empowering archetypes stored in there.


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