Semi-annual Open Studio March 19, 2017. Noon to 6pm.

YOU ARE INVITED TO MY  OPEN  STUDIO.   Sunday. March 19th, Noon to 6pm.

Come anytime in the afternoon on Sunday March 19 2017. I will be sharing, as inspired, my evolving understanding about the design of botanical perfume blends from ground up, from the inception to the final draft. An unceasing student of provocative and profound botanical scents, I am in continuous learning of new ways to orient to a dynamic balance between creativity and mathematics, between spiritual vision and emotional feel, between soft transitions and dynamic expression. Scent design continues to be an artistic, shamanic journey for me. It requires lots of time and patience, an alchemical reverence of each plant oil and a commitment to reveal each plant oil in conversation with the whole blend.


There will be another raffle for a Bespoke perfume, a perfume specially designed for you. It includes a 1.5 hour interview, and a custom-designed 3 gram jar from me to you.


Canadian Residents. Canadian Funds. I have many dear friends who reside in British Columbia. In fact, I am a Canadian citizen who lived in Canada for over 5 decades. My promise to Canadian residents is that everything you buy here during this Open Studio will be in your own Canadian funds. No more appalling conversion to US funds for you! This is also a personal way for me to thank you for taking 1.25 to 3 hours of your precious time to travel to and from my Bellingham studio.


Discounts: One more incentive for all, the 1 gram jar will be $10 instead of $11. The 3 gram jar will be $30 instead of $33. The set of 8 one gram jars will be $70 instead of $77. The set of 8 3 gram jars will be $220 instead of $231. State tax is already included in all these prices.


More Discounts: Aside from presenting AWE Parfum’s line of 8 solid perfumes, I will also have on hand, my old and new perfume design projects for your fine smelling. Some will be on sale for 30% off.  I am presently working on new blends: Kali Nº2, Presence and Amber Nº3. There are older projects, like Grace, Intrigue and Subtle that still need tweaking and more input from me, you and the universe. I would love your reflective feedback on any of these projects, written or oral.


As with the launching of my first Open Studio in October 2016, the space will be set as a meditative quiet opportunity to smell each blend slowly in the jar, on your skin and/or over 30 minutes. You may record your responses on provided paper or just remember them to yourself. These perfumes are designed to dance with and evolve on your unique skin and mind. Smelling them every 5 minutes within 30 consecutive  minutes will let you know if that blend will come home with you.


March 19 is a special day for me. It is my mother’s birthday. She would be 88 years old. Here is to Celebrating the Feminine in women and men, and to the visceral self-empowerment that naturally comes through conscious smelling.


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