Yoni Tour Meditation CD (liner notes). Volume One.

Liner Notes

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Who is the Yoni Tour Meditation For?

    • women of all ages, from the earliest of teenage years to the expanses of elder living
    • women of varied sexual experience, for those with no sexual experience to women who have mastered the cultivation of full and multiple orgasm with partners and in solo practice
    • women of all gender orientations, straight, lesbian, androgenous

    •  for bi-sexual transgender people

   • for single women, married women, polyamorous women
    •  for women who have been sexually violated
    •  for women who have had surgeries

    • for women who are re-enlivening their wombs after child-birth


This meditation will deepen your awareness of your yoni, leading to diverse, surprising paths of inner discovery and self-healing. This meditation will help you reclaim your self-love and the original health and wholeness of your yoni.

Yoni in eastern mythology alludes to the Creator of Life and refers to the feminine principle found within the sexual organs which dwell in the pelvis of a woman. Yoni corresponds to Yin in China, to In in Japan and to Yum in Tibet.

The yoni in this meditation refers to the sexual organs which reside in the pelvis of a woman. Her breasts very much contribute to the shaping of her sexuality, as do the encircling core erotic zones of the lips, neck, elbows, hands, inner thighs, knees and feet, etc however they are most covered in this Volume One.

The Yoni Tour Meditation. Volume One visits the least known resting places of pleasure generation which inhabit the pelvis of a woman.

Yoni is also The Mother Goddess and a Guardian Goddess in India. In Japan, In is the Goddess of the North.

Some Recommended Authors
Anand, Margot.  The Art of Sexual Ecstasy
Desilets, Saida.  Emergence of the Sensual Woman
Richardson, Diana.  Tantric Orgasm for Women
Winston, Sheri.  Women’s Anatomy of Arousal

The Yoni Tour Meditation focuses upon the subtlety of our awareness and our pleasure. I have blossomed and matured simply in the research and production of this CD. The more I immerse myself in the Yoni Tour realm, the more I learn. It is never-ending! May this be so for you too!  

I deeply value your feedback, requests for more  information, and inquiries about live guided meditations for yourself or for your women’s or therapy groups. Please contact me at laya@spiralsuns.com

Produced and narrated by Laya Shriaberg www.spiralsuns.com
Music, with permission from Jami Sieber www.jamisieber.com
Cover Graphics with Sharon Halfnight www.halfnightdesign.com
Disc Art by Gordana Curgus.www.ArtByGordana.com

                    Guidelines for Use
• Make time and space in your life to listen to this recording with intention, regularly and in its entirety
• Trust your instincts
• Go with the poetic moments
• Use your breath as your sacred companion and breathe naturally
• Trust in the wisdom of your body and its ability to convey meaning
• Feel into belonging to the Oneness that women share while celebrating your authentic uniqueness
• Weave love into your relationship with your yoni
• Accept what is. It will probably change tomorrow
                   Some Cautions
• Witness your feelings without becoming them
• Witness your memories without slipping back into the past
 • If you discern upset upwelling within you, gently end your meditation. Rest, journal, bathe, immerse yourself in nature, or express yourself artistically
 • If you find yourself persistently troubled while using this meditation, please curtail using it. You may want to seek the listening ear of a trusted friend, a family member or a health professional.

General time segments. The meditation is 48 minutes in length.

Start     Breath as companion.  Pleasure, power, mystery.

3 min    Mound of Venus and Outer lips

5 min    Inner lips

7 min    Clitoris (glans, shaft, legs, bulbs)

12 min  Urethral opening (sponge, glands)

15 min  Vaginal opening (hymen)

17 min  Perineum (perineal sponge)

20 min  Vaginal canal  (urethral sponge, vestibular glands, pelvic nerve bundles)

28 min  Cervix (outer and inner face, os)

33 min  Uterus

36 min  Uterine tubes

39 min  Ovaries

***In the handouts during the circles, you will receive 2 diagrams of the pleasure-giving areas of the Yoni, one of the outermost and one of the innermost.

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