Master Class in Embodied Drumming

If you put your heart against the earth with me,

in serving every creature,

our Beloved will enter you

from our sacred realm

and we will be,

we will be,

so happy.



Body Intelligence is Rhythmic.  It has moved within us since our conception. It expresses exquisite surges of expansive pleasure.  It is sensual. It is a warm, gyrating, electric river. We pulse. This fluidic pulse fuels our music making. It fuels our Lives.

Master Class in Embodied Drumming

Drumming is Heart. Drumming is connecting Our Heart with the Planet’s Heart with the Universe’s Heart.  We drum the Ecstatic Dance of the Universe through our body!

Drumming is a Spiritual Practice. One hand touches the drum. The other hand touches the drum. We walk through inner space.

Drumming is Visceral. Our skin touches the skin of the drum. Our bones shake up Truth. Our temperature rises. Our organs bounce.

In our time together, we weave an in-the-moment seamless conversation between the visible Human World and the invisible Divine and Well Ancestral Worlds. We explore the natural flow between drumming, moving, sounding and shamanic journeying. Certain vowels and consonants just emanate from our mouths. Words and phrases may form, often in some unknown language.

Well-grounded in wise-elder and neo-pagan culture, I will help you

  • Identify your personal and collective gender and polarity issues. Embodied Drumming flies our intention to the Universe where it takes form. It then returns to us in myriad ways and through multi-dimensional time filters.
  • Hone your ability to Really Listen. Deeply Listen. To hear all the details and nuances of the drum sound AND IN BETWEEN the drum sound. Here meet Spirit, the Elements and The Well Ancestors. They converse with us. Their voices, sometimes even choirs of them grace our ears and body, commensurate to our offering ourselves to them.
  • Meditate into the Silence of your Body, especially its Breath and bring this to your drumming

I am also a seasoned musician and teacher. Classes are presented in a Master Class format: Each individual will receive the technical and meditational instruction they need, whether they are total beginners or seasoned players. There is a place for everyone in this master circle of drummers!  Each of us will learn or improve on:

  • how to count in musical terms
  • safe ergonomics so you play drum without damaging your body
  • how to articulate ancient perennial drum language
  • a foundational rhythm tailored to your expertise

Classes occur in my home studio in Bellingham WA.

If you are already part of a small community group that would like to have an introduction to this meditational drum approach or if you would like solo lessons, please contact me.


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