Master Classes

Whether I present master classes in Energy Healing, Women’s Drumming, Women’s Meditation, or I facilitate a Yoni Knowing Circle, I bring a deep inclusiveness that welcomes and contains all-of-you.


Master Classes

I offer the opportunity to all students to learn in their own way and at their own pace. Each student has their unique learning edge. My intention is to have each student exist, even revel in their learning edge as they learn exactly what they have come to learn.


Deep Listening

Deep listening is pivotal to deep learning. Have you ever heard a silence that is so compelling that it causes you listen intently? Subtle, barely audible sounds are of interest to you. In all my classes, subtle economical communications are of utmost importance and contribute to both our individual and shared learning.


All is Welcome

I hold space in a way that is respectful for everyone.

Eros, which I define as life force yearning to express itself, is always welcome.  Everything seen and unseen is welcome.  I honor Truth wanting to be seen. It always has its own timing.  

Here are some words to a favorite song of mine by Miten. They have always rung true for me.

 “Bring your laughter. Bring your tears,

your busy lives, and your careers.

Bring the pain you’ve carried for years.

All is welcome here…”

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