Winter Solstice Celebration

My 3rd leadership surprise, especially to myself, began in 2003 with attending, demonstrating and participating in Kenyth Freeman’s Winter Solstice Celebration. By 2011, after serving as main constellator of this community ritual for 33 years, he stepped back from facilitating. No one stepped forward. I knew about a dozen friends who all wanted to see this community movement ritual continued. I noticed, too, that I had a deep concern that we, as a community, could fracture into 3 smaller Winter Solstice rituals in 2012. So I invited these dozen friends together for a potluck and deep-listening circle. I invited each person to share their appreciations of the past rituals, their visions for the 2012 ritual, and their desires to contribute a segment or stream of energy to the event. We became a council of nine and presented an effective and alive 2012 community ritual. This year, fpr the 2013 event, we are a council of 8 and still going string!

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