(AWE- Unpublished)Perfume as Plant Medicine + Companion. Presented December 11 2016. 2-4pm.




Where:              Human Development Center.

                1103 North State Suite 300. Top Floor.

                Entrance is furthest door to the right.

When:           Sunday, Dec 11, 2016. 2 – 4 pm

Cost:   $10 if payment received by December 3, 2016.

          $20 if paid between December 4th – Dec 11th.

       Contact Laya Shriaberg at laya@spiralsuns.com                360.734.1596, www.spiralsuns.com

AWE Parfum is a Bellingham-based, fairy-fae-companioned company evolving a line of artisan botanical perfumes which is dedicated to awaken awe consciousness within the wearer as she/he communes with the unfolding mystery of aromatic plant oils dancing on his/her skin.

Join Laya Shriaberg, nose, designer and manager of AWE Parfum, for a 2 hour participatory ritual as we together embody the mystery & power of aromatic plant medicine

        • Experience & discover what awe consciousness   is for you.

       • Become more confident in smelling, listening to and conversing with aromatic plant oils

     • Discern the subtle evolution of a botanical perfume on your skin

      • Choose how, when and where to wear solid botanical perfume as a companion & embodiment & empowerment tool in your daily life.

For more information about AWE Parfum, go   to https://www.spiralsuns.com/individual-sessions/aromatherapy/

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