Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage helps us..

 • strengthen our immune system by generating as much as 30% more white blood cells

 • augment lymph flow by as much as 20%


Self-refer for Lymphatic drainage massage to..

 • minimize swelling caused by minor injury

 • help dissolve scar tissue

 • bring to life a sluggish digestive system

 • relax and feel nurtured

 • increase meditative awareness and self-reflection


In a health team approach with your doctor, dentist or surgeon, lymphatic drainage massage can: 


       • help dissolve stagnant fluid

       • increase blood flow

       • help us access our feelings

       • help us make positive statements

          about the outcome we desire

       • support our need to be nurtured


Post-surgery, injury or radiation:

  • diminish swelling

  • minimize potential scarring

  • ease inflammation



 • relieve headaches due to fluid-build-up

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Technical Background

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