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  O u r   s e n s e   o f   s m e l l   i s   p r i m a l . 



We live in a sea of aromas. How often do we consciously include them in our awareness?  


With  A W E  Botanical Parfum, you can unleash your curiosity about your sense of smell  & notice that it readily cross-pollinates with your other senses of sight, hearing, touching & tasting.


These parfums are all about self-embodiment & self-empowerment as you consciously cultivate  your sense of smell & enjoy life as you do so!


*** My 2018 Artist Markets are:

Bellingham Farmers Market. Market Depot, Bellingham WA. Saturday 10a – 3p. June 9 & 30. July 7 & 28. August 18. September 1, 8, 15 & 22 2018

Freemont Summer Solstice Fair. Seattle WA. June 16 & 17, 2018

Human & Fairy Congress. Carlton WA. June 22-24, 2018

Mind•Body•Spirit Fair. Center for Spiritual Living. Bellingham WA. July 21, 2018.

Anacortes Arts Festival. Anacortes WA. August 3,4,5, 2018. (***To be confirmed)

Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival. Whidbey Island WA. August 11 & 12 2018.

FaerieWorlds. A Gathering of Tribes. August 24-26 2018. Near Portland, OR

Puget Sound Pagan Pride Day. October 28  2018 9a-5p. Seattle Center.

Hekate’s Sickle Festival. Oct 18-21 2018. Near Port Townsend.

Urban Craft Uprising. Winter Show. Seattle WA. Nov 30/Dec 1 2018. (***to be confirmed)


• Each three gram jar costs $30 + tax.

• All Parfum jars are gift packaged with their own special labels, tags and organza pouches.


These 8 solid parfum blends (see more below) have come into being in companionship with The Mystery, the fairy-fae, the ancestors, & with plant, nature, animal and rock spirits. They contain some local (Bellingham WA) raw beeswax as well as ancient Ben Oil, (cold-pressed & organic Moringa oleifera oil) from India. This oil is oderless and has a very long shelf-life.(5 years) All aromatic plant materials are either wild or organic or in a small amount of cases carefully yet conventionally grown.  All the plants are sustainably harvested.

The palm-sized glass jars come to you from Switzerland. The 3 gram jars are gift-packaged in orange organza pouches with accompanying attractive labels & tags.

** Remember to use these parfums with respect. They are plant spirit medicines & have high botanical concentrations of volatile oils (up to 45%). These parfums can be used for anointing  for special occasions or for daily dabbing as plant companions. They are for external use only.

Please avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to apply a dab of parfum to your forearm and check it frequently in the next 48 hours. Everyone, especially pregnant women and nursing mothers, please use with due care.


    The 8 evolving blends are as follows:


 Amber  Nº1 – The Dancer

This sensuous favorite features the uplifting expansive ways of 3 types of  jasmine & narcissus and daffodil flowers seamlessly embraced by a lush effusive core of Vanilla from Madagascar & eco-friendly Sandalwood from Hawaii.

Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Jasmine flower. Jasminum grandiflorum. India. Egypt.

Jasmine flower. Jasminum auriculatum. India.

Jasmine flower. Jasminum sambac. India.

Sandalwood. Santalum paniculatum. Hawaii

Vanilla bean. Vanilla planifolia. Madagascar

Vetiver root. Vetiveria zizaniodes. India

Narcissus flower. Narcissus poeticus. France

Daffodil flower. Narcissus jonquila. France

Ambrette seed. Abelmoschus moschatus. India

Pepper fruit, Szechuan. Zanthoxylum alatum. Nepal


  Amber  Nº2 – The Lover

World travel abounds here with 4 kinds of Roses from 3 different countries, Egypt, Turkey & India. Cocoa from Brazil accents Rose’s  the ephemeral beauty. They rest in a lush harbor of Vanilla from Madagascar & eco-friendly Sandalwood from Hawaii.

Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Sandalwood. Santalum paniculatum. Hawaii

Vanilla bean. Vanilla planifolia. Madagascar

Cocoa pod. Theobroma cacao. Brazil

Rose flowers. Wild red. Yellow. India

Rose flower. Rosa damascena. Turkey

Rose de mai flower. Rose centrifolia. Egypt

Pepper fruit, green. Piper nigrum. Madagascar

Pepper fruit, Szechuan. Zanthoxylum alatum. Nepal


 Delphi – The Priestess

From the round caverns of oracular sisterhood, this spicy blend emerges. My muse here is the captivating White Ginger Lily root. In this spell-binding Delphi blend, white ginger lily root is held by both vetiver root and tree moss. It is   bestirred by pepper, pine & saffron .

Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Ginger Lily root. Kaempferia galanga. India

Vetiver root. Vetiveria zizanoides. India

Tree Moss. Evernia furfuracea. France.

Saffron stigma. Crocus sativus. India

Pinyon pine resin & leaf. Pinus edulis. Utah. USA.

Pepper berry. Schinus terebenthofolius. Brazil.


       Dryad – Tree Spirit

The intoxicating balsam fir tree spirit from Canada is the base of this unfettered aromatic jubilance. Madagascar vanilla bean & labdanum resin  gently melt into the sweet warm balsam Sage, myrtle & white fir leaves benevolently lift this blend to ephemeral heights.

Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Balsam fir needle. Albies balsamea. Canada.

Labdanum resin. Cistus ladaniferus. Spain

Vanilla bean. Vanilla planifolia. Madagascar

Myrtle leaf. Myrtus communis. Morocco

Fir needle. Albies alba. Albania

Sage leaf, wild. Tarchonanthus camphoratus. Kenya


         Earth – Roots

This smoky, leathery, mossy root blend irrevocably grounds us into the here-and-now. It can be used alone or as a base for another perfume. In this compelling blend, the undulating lichens of the oak tree & the earthy roots of the vetiver grass marry, blessed by smoky whiffs of tobacco & hay .

Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Vetiver root. Vetiveria zizanoides. Haiti & India

Labdanum resin. Cistus ladaniferus. Spain

Choya Ral resin. Shorea robusta. India

Tobacco leaf. Bulgaria

Hay. Foin coupe. France

Oakmoss. Evernia prunastri. France

Cocoa pod. Theobroma cacao. Brazil

Balsam fir needle. Albies balsamea. Canada


    Hecate – Spirit Warrior

This fresh & green, sharp & audacious perfume echoes the dry hot summers of the Mediterranean. Artemisias & sage in the foreground evoke the clear sparseness of The Crossroads dedicated to the Greek Crone Goddess Hecate. Here, robust plant spirit medicine reigns free, held in place by the subtlety of our skin & the smoky leathers of hay, tobacco & juniper.

Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Nagarmotha root. Cyperus scariosus. India

Cade. Juniperus oxycedrus leaf & twig. Spain

Hay. Foin coupe. France

Tobacco leaf. Nicotiana tabacum. Bulgaria

Linden Blossom. Tilia cordata. France

Artemisia leaf. Artemisia annua. USA

Artemesia  leaf. Artemisisa absynthum. Bulgaria

Angelica seed. Angelica archangelica. Belgium

Sage leaf. Tarchonanthus camphoratus. Kenya


      Kali – Seductress

Kali is known in India as the Goddess of Destruction and Regeneration. Here resides the paradoxical marriage between the most severe & most sweet of aromas. A contemporary (intense & smoky!) devotional attar from an actual Kali temple in West Bengal is my unrelenting muse & it very slowly emerges in the last half of the dry-out. First, however, we are charmed by the aromas of sweet vanilla, unassuming rhododendron, soft tea & ancestral seaweed. This blend unfold on the skin with enigma and mystery!

Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Kali Devotional Attar. West Bengal. India.

Assam attar. Camelia sinensis. India

Ambrette seed. Abelmoschus moschatus. India

Rhododendron leaf. Rhododen. anthopogon. Nepal

Vanilla bean. Vanilla planifolia. Madagascar

Seaweed. Fucus spp. France


Tenderness – Enraptured

Evening and morning blooming jasmines dance with leathery, suave mimosa flower and the warm, round-bodied marigold flower. They are held by earthy vetivers roots from 3 different terroirs. Angelica root, among others, sing their herbal mysteries.

Contributing Plants & Locations Grown

Vetiver. Vetiveria zizanoides. India, Sri Lanka & Haiti

Jasmine. Jasminum grandiflorum. Egypt

Jasmine. Jasminum sambac. India

Mimosa flower. Acacia mearnsii. India

Marigold attar. Tagetes minuta. India

Angelica root. Angelica archangelica. Poland

Ambrette seed. Abelmoschus moschatus. Peru

Pinion pine leaf & resin. Pinus edulis. Utah. USA

Muhuhu wood. Brachylaena hutchinsii. South Africa


Bespoke Solid Parfum

A bespoke solid perfume is designed just for you. Your signature plant blend speaks to you, only you, about you, the unique divine essence which resides in your beautiful body. It resonates with your purpose in life and spurs you on to express it. It is designed to reflect back to you your own yearnings. It is co-created to help you belong to yourself, to help you re-discover and re-experience yourself. Because your personal blend is vegetable based in moringa oil, animal-based in beeswax and plant-based through 30-40% whole plant volatile oils, the aromatic molecules stay attuned with your personal skin aroma, mixing with it, playing with it, dancing with it, infusing your personal immediate space with your purpose and your pleasure in connecting with it.


The Interview

Through an in-depth 1 – 1.5 hour interview process, we identify which aromas really please you and bring you life. You name your intention for this blend as something which is current for you. This may change throughout the seasons or years and can be updated or changed as needed.  Emotional balance or strength, ancestral or karmic discernment and re-connection, ritual and ceremonial ease, artistic, meditational or healing focus are just some of the possible foci.

In our interview, I will offer you certain aromatic oils. You will “test smell” them slowly and consciously under your nose, breathing them in with beginner’s mind, all-the-while keeping your focus lovingly upon you, your responses and your sacred intention. You will notice you (your body, soul and spirit) uniquely responding to each oil you in a distinct way, and sharing your experience with me if possible. It could be as simple as “I like it” or I don’t like it. With this direct approach, I will take a multi-layered, gossamer inventory of all your responses and refer to this during the bespoke design process.

Once the blend is magically co-created, it takes a minimum of one week to “age”. A full moon cycle of 28 days is best, sometimes even longer, so that all of its magic is activated. Then you are invited in to open the jar, to uncork the genie’s bottle, delight in the bespoke perfume and take it home with you.


Cost of Bespoke Parfum.


What are essential oils? Plants produce volatile (essential) oils in their last stage of photosynthesis, changing sunlight into chlorophyll. Plant life uses its volatile scent to conserve, regulate & protect its own energy system & as well as to converse with insects, animals & other plants. With aromatic plant companions, we too can learn to consciously conserve, regulate, protect our own energy and converse with other life forms.

More about how I work:I work slowly and deliberately with these companions as we co-create each blend. We agree on a multi-sensory vision to lead us in its co-creation and use that vision as our compass.

Through these parfums, I want to share and celebrate my love of being a multi-sense human being. As I include these parfums in my lifestyle, I begin to embody plant intelligence through its scent, its mystery & its subtlety. I have found these parfums to be wonderful companions in daily life, during work, play, dance, in creativity, in love-making.

Most importantly, YOU, with your willingness to explore consciousness and participate in sustainable & wearable olfactory art, are my major impetus in creating these solid botanical perfumes. You are my continuous source of inspiration & resource. May these parfums bring you joy, pleasure, focus, awareness & conscious multi-dimensionality.

Have fun with them! You can layer them too & come up with new wondrous compositions!

Laya’s Reflections on Olfaction and Terroir.

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