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O u r   s e n s e   o f   s m e l l   i s   p r i m a l . 



We live in a sea of aromas. How often do we consciously include them in our awareness?  


With my alchemically designed  A W E  perfume blends, you can unleash your curiosity about your sense of smell  & notice that it readily cross-pollinates with your other senses of sight, hearing, touching & tasting.


These parfums are all about self-embodiment & self-empowerment as you consciously cultivate  your sense of smell & enjoy life as you do so!


*** All my  2020 Artist Markets listed below are postponed until 2021.

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      Bellingham Farmers Market.

       Human & Fairy Congress.

       Mind • Body • Spirit Fair.

       Anacortes Arts Festival. 

      Oregon Country Fair.

      Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival.

      Imagine Festival.  

     Puget Sound Pagan Pride Day.

 ** Allied Arts Holiday Festival. Bellingham WA. This one is happening as far as I know.  

    A 5 week 7 day a week Holiday Artisan Festival. November 20 until Xmas Eve      10am – 7pm, 7 days a week 

** Mystic Fair. Seattle. WA Last Saturday of Nov 2020 Possibly will occur in 2020.

    Urban Craft Uprising. Winter Show.


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Bespoke Solid Parfum

A bespoke solid perfume is designed just for you. Your signature plant blend speaks to you, only you, about you, the unique divine essence which resides in your beautiful body. It resonates with your purpose in life and spurs you on to express it. It is designed to reflect back to you your own yearnings. It is co-created to help you belong to yourself, to help you re-discover and re-experience yourself. Because your personal blend is vegetable based in moringa oil, animal-based in beeswax and plant-based through 30-40% whole plant volatile oils, the aromatic molecules stay attuned with your personal skin aroma, mixing with it, playing with it, dancing with it, infusing your personal immediate space with your purpose and your pleasure in connecting with it.


The Interview

Through an in-depth 1 – 1.5 hour interview process, we identify which aromas really please you and bring you life. You name your intention for this blend as something which is current for you. This may change throughout the seasons or years and can be updated or changed as needed.  Emotional balance or strength, ancestral or karmic discernment and re-connection, ritual and ceremonial ease, artistic, meditational or healing focus are just some of the possible foci.

In our interview, I will offer you certain aromatic oils. You will “test smell” them slowly and consciously under your nose, breathing them in with beginner’s mind, all-the-while keeping your focus lovingly upon you, your responses and your sacred intention. You will notice you (your body, soul and spirit) uniquely responding to each oil you in a distinct way, and sharing your experience with me if possible. It could be as simple as “I like it” or I don’t like it. With this direct approach, I will take a multi-layered, gossamer inventory of all your responses and refer to this during the bespoke design process.

Once the blend is magically co-created, it takes a minimum of one week to “age”. A full moon cycle of 28 days is best, sometimes even longer, so that all of its magic is activated. Then you are invited in to open the jar, to uncork the genie’s bottle, delight in the bespoke perfume and take it home with you.


Cost of Bespoke Parfum.


What are essential oils? Plants produce volatile (essential) oils in their last stage of photosynthesis, changing sunlight into chlorophyll. Plant life uses its volatile scent to conserve, regulate & protect its own energy system & as well as to converse with insects, animals & other plants. With aromatic plant companions, we too can learn to consciously conserve, regulate, protect our own energy and converse with other life forms.

More about how I work:I work slowly and deliberately with these companions as we co-create each blend. We agree on a multi-sensory vision to lead us in its co-creation and use that vision as our compass.

Through these parfums, I want to share and celebrate my love of being a multi-sense human being. As I include these parfums in my lifestyle, I begin to embody plant intelligence through its scent, its mystery & its subtlety. I have found these parfums to be wonderful companions in daily life, during work, play, dance, in creativity, in love-making.

Most importantly, YOU, with your willingness to explore consciousness and participate in sustainable & wearable olfactory art, are my major impetus in creating these solid botanical perfumes. You are my continuous source of inspiration & resource. May these parfums bring you joy, pleasure, focus, awareness & conscious multi-dimensionality.

Have fun with them! You can layer them too & come up with new wondrous compositions!

Laya’s Reflections on Olfaction and Terroir.

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