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laya-shriaberg-biography3For over 3 decades, I have participated in endless trainings, read endless books on the whole range and gamut of all sorts of healing. Through these decades of embodied meditational practices, my focus continues to bridge the ultra finiteness & richness of the body and the expansive infinity of the universe. Through massage and energy healing, I work with the infinite in the smallest structures of the body as well as with universal energy that is exalted as it resides in the body. They co-inform each other.

Emotional and visceral (somatic) self-awareness is of paramount importance in my work. I commit to conscious self-awareness of these things in all my movements and actions during our sessions together. This promotes, I believe, a safe, ethically accountable, self-healing place (and space!) for you. Through the magic of sympathetic resonance, we then b o t h  become flowingly aware that our feelings, thoughts, soul & spirit are already “clustered” together within us AND already in constant inner-conversation. Through this embodied meditational approach to bodywork, a two-way street is then co-initiated and co-created. My pivotal professional insight is that when the deep inner relationships of the healer are attuned to those of the client, BOTH are ushered through the gates of great change !! 

Conscious change is what it’s really all about !



I am a mature and young 68 year old. I celebrate that I’ve made it this far! I am trying on the elder garments and I am in touch with having something to say that is communicated in person. I am an elder who has presence, wisdom and healing skills. I would love to share this in mutual confidence (and confidentiality) with you.

I have been blessed with resilient health for over 6 decades, and have been engaging in sacro-magical and healing arts of all persuasions spanning 4 decades. I am most excited about Sidereal Astrology, Aroma Healing, (the royalty of herbalism), Bespoke Botanical Perfumery, Cranial Sacral Therapy,  Registered Massage Therapy, Energy Healing,The Yoni Tour Project. 


Long-range spiritual perspective

I have always worked with the processing of dreams and energy consciousness.

Today, I find, there is so much more potential for conscious human evolution than there was 40, or 30, even 20 years ago. Now it is easier to dethrone dogma and outdated habits of all kinds, and to choose to embody our unique contemporary ways of consciously relating with our inner radiant, ever-present Life Force.  These contemporary ways self-adjust moment-to-moment, person-to-person, lifetime-to-lifetime, generation-to-generation, millenium-to-millenium. The trick is to creatively incorporate our amusement, awareness, discernment, discipline, focus, grace, humility and orientation into our lives. Self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love DO reside at our cores and are our continuous resource.



Age 33-43. 1984-94

Innocence. Idealistic dreaming. Humility. Freshness. Experimentation. Dedication to inquiry into the nature of consciousness. Cultivation of receiving guidance. Meditational discipline.



Age 43-53. 1994-2004

Trust. Slowness. Expansion. Discipline and dedication to holistic healing work. Design and teaching of meditational forms of healing. More humility. Patience. Curiosity. Grounding into vastness. Nature-based working priestess work.



Age 53 -63. 2004-2014

Dropping the masks. Becoming more human and sensitive. Inclusion of intimacy, sensuality, Eros and sexuality. (This phase of practice now closed.) Donning of  fairy, elemental and ancestral accompaniment. Medically accountable massage. Ethically accountable energy healing.

4th DECADE OF PRACTICE. Play, Ease with Ancestors & Deep Inquiry.

Age 63 – to present.  (2014 on-going into the present … 2020 at the time of this writing)

Of late, I am strongly attracted to working with End of Life & as well as with cancer clients as a massage therapist and energy healer. I volunteer & work at Whatcom Hospice House & at the Cancer Center. 

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